January 19, 2009

So where are we with the album?

Well we have had a last minute boost of energy and decided to work on two new tracks, this was also because I felt I wasn’t really getting anywhere with two particular songs, “Where to from here?” & “Yes/No”. These were two of the very first ideas I presented Sarah with this time last year.

I will give you a quick review of the songs we have.

Tranquil Eyes – Heavily influenced by Kraftwerk and Tesco, this will probably be the opener for the album. Started life as an instrumental but I played it to Sarah and she thought of some odd lyrics. Not sure if this would translate well live, it’s very robotic and hypnotic.

Goodbye – Previewed on our podcast last year, I had Yazoo in mind when coming up with the idea for this, not sure it really sounds very like Yazoo anymore but I like it.

POP – Inspired by an empty tube of Pringles which I sampled Christmas 2007. The track has an Art of Noise feel to it, more “Close (to the edit)” than anything else I suppose. Also has a Depeche “Shout” style loop running through it, this was created on the ARP 2600 the same machine used to create the original DM – “Shout” loop, although mine cost and weighs much less and is a piece of software.

Automatic – Nothing in particular inspired this one, this was finished Easter time 2008 so I haven’t really listened to it for ages. Has a Mel & Kim bit in the Chorus.

Dirty Youth – You already should know, although this will be a slightly different mix.

Into The Blue – You already should know.

Crash – Sarah wrote the main synth line for this one, it will probably be the catchiest ones on the album, we really like it. I suppose it’s close cousins are “On & On” & “Seen the light” so yeah it’s very Vince Clarke. This one is new for 2009

Pleasurely That Machine – Up tempo throbbing dance type track, haven’t really done one like this before, a few people have heard this and said they like it. Slight Human League rip off for the middle 8 from “Do or Die”, not a sample though.

014a – No title as yet, again another new one for 2009. Influenced by DM, perhaps a bit of “Policy of truth” was in the back of my mind when I came up with the idea. Sarah has some ideas for the lyrics and they will probably be a little bit Goldfrappy.

6 VI SIX – Ladytron inspired track, Dirty synths, throbbing synthetic drums. This one is new for 2009

So there we have it, a quick update on the songs. In total there were 15 ideas written but these have been narrowed down to 10 hopefully very different tracks. The process of elimination has been down to the general crapness of some of the songs and my lack of enthusiasm for them.

I feel really good about what we have now.