February 20, 2009

On the 3rd of March our 2nd album WIRED: will be leaving our studio and heading off to sleepy Devon to be mastered by Simon Heyworth.

Last weekend we re-recorded the vocals on ‘POP’ to make them extra punchy and I have been working this week on getting the mix right. It’s an odd little track but it will be the album opener. Difficult to describe but I think it’s a bit of “Art of noise” meets “The Knife” It’s also the track that spawned the album title.

Oblique have provided us a remix of ‘Crash’ which sounds great we can hear it going down really well in the clubs in Barcelona where they DJ, we will be returning the favor and remixing their track ‘Without Making Noise’. ‘Crash’ will be available as a digital single only available at the end of March on iTunes, it will feature a couple of remixes, the album will be available on iTunes at the end of April, with the Ltd edition physical copies available within the first two weeks of April.

You can follow NK/Me on Twitter I have also added a simple Twitter feed to this blog which you can see at the top right of this page…