March 31, 2009

Will be me.

Well vocoded vocals and for just one track. This album has seen us swap roles with Sarah writing synth lines and me adding my voice. On the recorded album it’s just on some of the parts of POP, but live I will be doing the vocoded parts on Tranquil Eyes. On first listen Sarah didn’t actually notice it wasn’t her voice so that’s a start. Just need to learn the words now!

Our first live outing of 2009 is this Friday 03/04/09 @ a night called MOTION at SEVEN in Nottingham. We are also planning a special album launch night sometime in June, just waiting on venue confirmation. Hopefully we will be doing lots more dates.

The plant contacted me regarding WIRED: CD Production, unfortunately the designer created the sleeve in such a way the fold doesn’t allow it to be machine fed, therefore these will have to be hand finished! Fortunately we were going to sign the first few hundred so that would have meant removing them from the sleeves in the first place. Hopefully this doesn’t cause a delay and we are still on for delivery on the 6th. Fingers crossed.