June 19, 2008

Had a very good night in London, meeting up with the EY crowd, discussing all things electro and topped off by meeting the legendary producer Gareth Jones just minutes before seeing Yazoo for the first time (and probably the last).

I gifted Gareth our album on iTunes last year and he sent a very nice email back, although no mention of listening to the album :-( However he did remember when we spoke yesterday evening. Gareth has been diagnosed with a minor (his words) cancer and is therefore taking time off. He is writing a very inspirational and candid blog that can be found here Needless to say I will be now regularly reading his journal and of course wishing him a speedy recovery.

More updates coming today and some exciting live news.


This is the EY gang with Gareth Jones. I really wasn’t drunk although it looks like I’m doing a good impression.