Christmas Single.

November 13, 2007

I love Christmas and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to write a Christmas song. This  has conflicted somewhat with also wanting to establish credibility for Northern Kind. So my suggestion to Sarah to do something Christmassy was maybe me admitting that I was in fact out of touch with popular music.  Ultimately I write music for me to enjoy, that fact that other people do enjoy our music and often write and tell us is still a bit weird but none the less very satisfying.

Right, so we have a Christmas song, it will be released on iTunes on December 3rd, I have no idea where it will get placed and this still seems pretty random. It was great to reach prime position across Europe, I never expected that  but boy was it great to be higher in the charts than Bjork, Kraftwerk, The Knife plus many of the artists I have been in awe of.
Myself and Sarah had a conversation on the way back from one of our odd gigs, amongst the topics where the new world order, relationships, drugs, babies and the oscillators used in the roland system 700 modular synth we talked about Christmas songs.  A pattern emerged that the best songs always had a dark and sometimes anti Christmas themes. 
For example, 
Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas
All the things that Christmas promises but never delivers. Lies full of tinsel and fire, snow but usually rain, piece on earth, yeah right!
Jona Lewie – Stop the cavalry 
Again quite an odd topic, the video depicted a WWI scene however the line “Nuclear fall out zone” confused me a little. But anyway another depressing Christmas song. Also for the obsessive geeks out there. Jona Lewie also had a couple of other hits including – “You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” If you listen to the melody of that song line it’s exactly the same melody from Erasures “Don’t say no” the B-Side of “Heavenly Action. I really am a nerd.
Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas
OK I’m not going to knock a brilliant song, but again a sad message at Christmas time and quite rightly so.
So what I am getting at is… Christmas is a magical time for most of us but for some it’s just another day. That is really what our Christmas song is about. Nothing to do with personal experiences… honest.
It is a great frickin song though and it deserves to be massive
Nuff said.