October 7, 2008

Well the DM press conference came and went and as usual I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement. I trawled the web last night to find the pre conference clips with the new songs. The obvious searches on Youtube bring you to files that DM have sanctioned as copyright infringement, but if you search with less obvious keywords you’ll find them. This is still up for don’t know how long for

As mentioned in the conference Martin has been investing in old analogue gear, the clips I heard of “Wrong” & “Peace” certainly are very analogue sounding and “Peace” sounds amazing, I just hope hope they don’t go back down the processed to death sounds as they did on PTA.

I was really encouraged after hearing “Precious” but was disappointed with the PTA in general. Depeche Mode in my opinion need another “Violator”, it certainly sounds like they have quite a few songs written. The Violator period not only spawned their greatest album but also the b-sides to many of the songs were also some of their best songs so clearly a very productive period.

Like most people I am a little bit disappointed with the one show at the o2, of course I will be going but I did get to see them in Manchester, Birmingham & London on the last tour. I guess it will make this gig more special.