May 12, 2008

Rob, Robert, Chi, Mooger, Wout, Ann, Jonathan, Paul, Ringo, Kirstie, Tom, Julian, Jonathan, Martin, Alan, Cordu, Ben, Sarah Schmoof, Baz, Ruth, Charlie, Noush and EVERYONE who came to the Electronically Yours bash, a big thank you!  We had a lorra-lorra fun.

For me, it was especially a treat to sing some of the new stuff and try out the delectable mega-mix.  Love it!  Well done to Orac for a splendid night, and I look forward to the next one!
Now we’re gonna push on to the next album – oddly enough, I just stumbled across an email from last year, with Matt’s album title ideas:
  • Made in England
  • Surviving the nightlife
  • Safe Inside
  • Cold light of day
  • Sexy Beast!
  • Dance Away
  • 53 Degrees North
    (Longitude for Sheffield)
Also – it occured to me today, that we have not applied to play at the Summer Sundae musical festival in Leicester, which is madness!  We’re going to submit a very late application tomorrow, but if anyone knows anyone who can pull a few strings, lemme know!  Alternatively, we could start a myspace petition to get us on (http://www.myspace.com/summersundaeweekender)
Lovelyjubbly! Sarah x
*Thanks to Mr Blue for the pic*