March 4, 2008

Are now working on the main site. My hosting company doesn’t allow Crossdomain XML feeds and runs PHP in safe mode. I guess this is understandable. So I moved the site to another server, http://www.northernkind.net the co.uk domain now re-directs to the .net address.

Thanks to the people who emailed suggestions :-)

YES / NO was cracked tonight. This was an idea written back in October 2007 and was the first presented to Sarah for the new album. It’s remained pretty similar to the idea I supplied however I have had to change the bassline and bass sound a little. It’s actually got the feel of HLs’ “The Lebanon” about it. One of the great new plug-ins in Logic 8 is the Delay Designer. The bassline now has some creative delay added to it and it really works well. I’m usually not one for adding effects to bass sounds as they then tend to dominate the bottom end of a track, I’ve solved that by filtering the low end frequencies out on the delayed parts. This is definitely a beat driven track. I think Sarah will need to write more parts for it though as it’s a bit sparse and doesn’t follow a proper song structure yet.