June 24, 2008

The Presets – Apocalypso

I first of heard of these guys a while after seeing a video of ‘The Girl & The Sea’, I really liked that track and thought Damon Albarn was the vocalist, but he wasn’t. The material I heard around that time seemed very disjointed so I didn’t buy any albums.

This album is by a long way the best thing they have done.

Tracks like ‘This Boy’s In Love’ , ‘A New Sky’, ‘Yippiyo-Ay’ & ‘If I Know You’ are really great songs so make it worth buying the complete album.

Parts of it reminds me of Underworld, The Knife, The Killers, LCD Soundsystem, Nitzer Ebb and even Blancmange especially the retro drum and synth sounds.

The vocals range between very melodic and chant like with perhaps even a tint of John Lydon in places.

You should have a listen here