Fresh ears

January 21, 2008

The first batch of ideas are now complete, Sarah will be finishing the lyrics for these over the next two weeks and we will be recording these over the first weekend in February. Previously we worked on at most two ideas at a time however I’m trying to get a feel for the album as a whole, so after the first vocal sessions I will pick out the stronger tracks to concentrate on. I plan to take these to almost a finished state and they will form the bulk of our next EP, Project X.

The reason for working this way is to try and get an album that feels complete, 53 Degrees to me feels like an eclectic album, probably as it was written and record over a year. We never really had the thought that we would do a complete album so the early tracks just happened. I’d like to strike a balance on this album between catchy pop tunes and more interesting tracks that maybe have a less conventional song structure.

Having reviewed the tracks so far I’m quite happy with them, Sarah thinks they are more mainstream pop than anything else, I think they probably are at this stage but I really want to push them to the edge when I produce the final versions.

We played live on Thursday night at The Musician in Leicester. Not really a night for “electo pop” but still quite good to get out and see other bands.

Quite excited about the Yazoo announcement, maybe we can be the support act :-)

Picture by Wout