Funny night (Matt)

March 2, 2007

Well I guess this is what having a blog is all about. It will probably become the “not so sectret diary of Matt Culpin aged 30 something…” Funny as this sounds, I actually grew up with Danny Townsend who’s mum is Sue Townsend the author of the Adrian Mole books. I don’t remember a girl called Pandora but we were both 13 and 3/4 around the time of the TV programme. I only ever see Danny walking around Sainsburys nowadays so I expect his mum to write a book fairly soon called “Adrian Mole the Sainsbury’s years” Like me Danny was into music and technology and had some very cool gear. He set-up a recording studio in Leicester about 15 years ago and also owned the White Room night club for a while.

Yesterday I was at the Emirates stadium attending a conference and happened to sit next to a very cool Italian guy who worked for AC Milan. During our conversation I learnt that his cousin filmed a series for the BBC called Francescos Italy, I remember watching this and felt that it did a great job at selling Italy to the British public. For me it’s interesting that a table of 8 people from very different backgrounds find common groung in talking about food, travel and music.

It’s late now and I need to sleep. Night! x