September 19, 2009

OOoooh!  It gets better and better :) The gig was at The Ferry, a floating venue (!) which was slightly disconcerting in 5 inch heels, wobble.  Nah, it’s actually very steady and doesn’t feel like you’re on the water at all…pretty cool place.
A bigger audience for us this time, and they were totally up for a Friday night shin-dig which was fab!!  A great reception once again, met loads of lovely people – including Jer aka Afront of  More fab vids, including some groovy after-show snippets, thanks for that! These are on the forum also.
Matt and I made a point of watching the Kaj set more closely this time, really great.  A very talented group of people, which is obviously why they soon found fame in the 80′s.  Had a few drinkies after the show :) well…you have to ‘unwind’ daahlings.
Looking forward to Norwich now, whilst enjoying a lovely rest in between – will write more next week X