April 28, 2008

is the latest song to be completed for the album.

Of course it’s very electronic, but it doesn’t remind me of anything so I guess it’s distinctly NK.

Also started the new live arrangements for the EY event, previously the songs in our live set where pretty similar to the album versions but through boredom we decided to revamp them. As Sarah puts it, give them the “Jive Bunny” touch, don’t let that put you off though.

I was asked last week what do I play on stage, that night the answer to the questions was nothing, because of a technical hitch, I had taken the wrong laptop to a gig and therefore no software was installed. Fortunately I had a copy of the backing tracks in iTunes as I burnt a CD for Sarah to rehearse to. I therefore mimed the whole thing whilst loosing a stone in sweat.

The NK live set-up consists of Logic with a stereo backing track consisting usually of the percussion and bass sounds plus any difficult sequences or arpeggiated lines. We usually keep some of Sarahs backing vocals or harmonies in to add a fuller vocal sound. I then have tracks prepared with the various sounds that I play live, I use my controller keyboard to select the tracks which have the relevant AU software plug-in loaded. I can then tweak the sounds using the controllers on my keyboard. I also use my Korg MS20 controller with the stand alone software application running separately on another machine. This is just like having an polyphonic MS20 synth. The main Mac connects through to a MOTU 828 MKIII interface, along with the vocal Mic and the output from the MS20 software. These are mixed live with FX added to Sarahs vocal.

Goodbye is a fitting title for this post a I’m now off to Zurich for a few days, Goodbye! Matt