In the begining (Matt)

February 26, 2007

I first met Sarah in 2001 after remixing a song for a band she was in called Minithin. I was introduced to them by a mutual friend called Stuart Ball. I also produced and recorded a track with Minithin called ‘Between Love & Hate’. They sort of fizzled out, however I kept in touch with Sarah and we did another couple of tracks together but nothing really ever happened with those. One thing that came out of this was my introduction back into music and I guess my fascination with the new software synths that were starting to emerge.

It took another four years before I started to get serious about finally doing a new music project. I think this desire was spurned on by a couple of albums, notably Goldfrapp and I AM X. For me there was a genuine lack of music that I really wanted to hear so I just thought about creating something that first and foremost was for me.

I initially contacted singers through Myspace although I think the official term is stalked :-) , nothing really materialized then one day I was sorting through old phone numbers after getting a new mobile and came across the name Sarah, I only really knew one Sarah so I thought I would send a TXT. I didn’t hold out much hope as I had changed numbers about three times in fives years but surprisingly I got a TXT back from Sarah who seemed genuinely interested. Weirdly she had been checking out my Northern Kind site only a few days before after searching for old Minithin songs. We exchanged a few emails and I sent her a bunch of ideas including some tracks from Goldfrapp and I AM X. In June 2006 Sarah came down from Sheffield and we recorded some of her vocal ideas that she had written around the tracks I had sent. Step Back & Home came out of this initial session although it took a while for Home to take shape, I think there are about three previous versions to this song. We then continued to work like this for a few more months. At the end of 2006 we had written and recorded six tracks, not bad considering we had only met up three times to record. We both felt that there was something worth pursuing and we now have another 5 tracks in production which should go to complete our first album.