…in waves

February 11, 2008

Step 1.

Write idea, usually a simple melody & rhythm

Step 2.

Record Vocal melody, backing vocals, harmonies.

Step 3.

Re-write track around the vocals.

Step 4.

Complete the verse, bridge & chorus. Repeat these parts for the second verse.

Step 5.

Write middle eight, lead out.

Step 6.

Work on the percussion parts, effects & additional sounds.

Step 7.

Final Mix

So one track down, another 10 – 12 to go, feels like a massive task.

Made Baz from Electrobelle posh fish & chips last Friday, he admitted he would marry me but there would be no sex, I was fine with that!

Heard his new track and his next two ideas. All sounding good. I did have to point out that Charlie uses the word ‘darling’ in all three Electrobelle tracks. We had to listen to the tracks so I could be proven right – Baz you owe me £50 + the £50 for the Yazoo ticket, now that was an expensive night out.