February 29, 2008

I never could see the point of instrumentals on albums, I guess for many bands they were just fillers, Depeche would play their instrumentals live, usually so Dave could take a break. It was actually a DM instrumental that saw the debut of NK, I did a cover of “Christmas Island” which was on an album called “bright lights, dark room”.

So to the point of this post… I have started to work on the final ideas for the album and this evening I have been working on an idea that I think Sarah would probably struggle to find a melodic vocal part for. But to be honest I really like the feel of what I have come up with. Therefore this is defo gonna make it to the album. Might work as a link between tracks

I have the William Orbit albums and I think he has really mastered the art of making enjoyable albums that in the most part are instrumental. I would love to acheived what he has done. That brings me on to some news, I have been asked to do a remix as NK for an exciting project, more on that soon.