June 25, 2008

I sometimes find working on my own quite un-inspring, my studio was previously quite accessible but following the addition to our household I now work in a semi-converted loft space. Therefore feedback on the progress of tracks as I’m working hardly ever happens. Sometimes it would be ‘oh I don’t like that sound’ or ‘that sounds weird’ would often mean I would re-evaluate the track and often improve it.

I think the songs definitely reflect the mood of the environment and I actually quite like that, I think this album will have a darker feel which is something we both discussed and agreed upon at the start of writing.

Sarah generally trusts my judgement regarding the production and I have previously left her to write about subjects that are personal to her. There has been some reversal of roles recently as with one of the tracks I felt the vocals weren’t working, I offered to write some lyrics as there was a subject I really wanted to get off my chest, I thought this would be the easier option rather than getting Sarah to write something different to an existing idea, not sure it went down that well though. I have never written a complete song so we’ll see what happens.