April 7, 2008

Yes I was struck down with the flu so apologies for the lack of updates recently. Progress with the tracks in the past week has also been non existent. So I thought I would give you a quick update with the state of the new tracks.

Dirty Youth
Into The Blue
(You should have now heard as they are on myspace)

At the moment this has a “Close to the edit” vibe the Art of Noise track, not sure what direction this is going in but I think it will be a stomper.

Quite close to the original idea, could be a main track for the album but quite a bit to do on this.

I’m loving this one, quite a complex sequence and of parts happening and it’s nearly there but needs a few more tweaks.

Deadpan vocals, very Client like but I think this will develop into quite a strong track.

Probably the most commercial sounding idea, Sarah is experimenting with the timing and phrasing of the vocals but again I hope to do this real justice when it comes to the final arrangement and mix

This is very Kraftwerk like at the minute, not sure which way this will end up but I’d to keep it that way. Probably the first track of the album.

There are also another two new tracks on the way however these have not ben recorded yet and to be honest I haven’t heard what Sarah has done with them yet. Don’t want to create a production bottle neck so it’s going to be a few weeks before these get recorded.

I’m quite encouraged by what we have so far though, the idea that became Dirty Youth I though initially was pants, but I finally managed to take that somewhere I’m fairly pleased with. We will also be putting a new version of Tears & Tinsel on the album.