February 25, 2008

I was a little bit hasty with the Goldfrapp negativity in an earlier post. I watched their performance on 4Music from Sunday night and I really do like the songs. It’s just a shame they aren’t really electronic.

Rob from EY asked for an update on the album and forthcoming releases, he kindly posted my response on his site this evening.

Tonight was a battle with my wireless network, I have this thing called an Macsense AreoPad™ Mini – This provides my music Mac with a wireless connection to the outside world and connects to one of the G5s ethernet ports. For some reason it stopped working, I then noticed my Airport Express, the thing I use to stream iTunes music to my stereo also stopped working. It seems that my BT HomeHub automatically updates itself and therefore caused some issues with these devices. I have no idea why this happened but the prospect of trying to speak to someone at BT about it just wasn’t an option. So I purchased a Netgear router to bypass the BT HHub. Whilst this took a matter of minutes to install I decided to enable MAC address filtering rather than using WEP. This essentially blocks any device that has not had it’s MAC address added to the routers access list. But this caused problems with AeroPad. The G5 it’s connected to also needs its’ MAC address adding, as does the ethernet port on the AeroPad, now after three hours I have realised the AeroPad also has a wireless MAC address, and of course this wasn’t added to the list as I wasn’t aware of it. After getting paranoid that another device was connected to my network I realised it must be the AeroPad. What a pain! My wife finds it hilarious that I struggle with seemingly simple bits of technology, to be honest I find these sorts of things just too low tech, they should just work.

So anyway, now that my G5 is on the internet again I decided to do a software update, Logic was updated as were a few other things including the OS and now the sound patches assigned to tracks for some of the new songs have changed, so something in Logic has screwed this up, I’m not happy!!! I think it’s something to do with the AudioUnits authorization thing, I will now have to systematically update my plug-in synth modules. I really really really hate stuff like this, it’s just a tedious pain. Bollocks!

Matt :-(