Monday 7th Jan.

January 9, 2008

You have to bear in mind that NK has to fit within our regular day jobs, normally for me the prospect of coming home and then locking myself away to work on tunes is usually out weighed for a night in front of the TV with a bottle of wine. Today however I started my New Years regime of getting up early for the gym, eating well & no alcohol. It seemed to have done the trick as I felt quite perky still at 8.00pm so decided to have a go at some music.

Sounds often influence what I play, tonight after tweaking a preset on the CS-80v I ended up with a synthy flute sound that I started to play a repetitive lead line with. I then added my stock ES-1 kick sound to create the back-bone of a beat. The bassline I added was fairly simple and provided by the Jupiter-8v, a bit of a waste of such a powerful synth but hey it fitted well. Within about 10 minutes I then had a nice short chord sequence using a short sound from the ES-1. After adding some creative delay and evolving cutoff filter throughout each bar the idea really started to take shape. At this stage I start to hear what other sounds will work well and the possible progression through from the verse into the chorus and so on.

I then added more parts to the drum track using a synth snare from the Albino synth with Kick and hats coming from one of the Ultrabeat preset kits. The tom sounds on this kit also were added, odd but these really added a commercial element to this idea, I then quickly added the bridge and potential chorus parts. This idea was then pretty much finished, all within about an hour.

This track was then named 006, simply because my folder of ideas had already used 001 through to 005. Sarah has 001, 002 & 004 to work with. 003 I’m not quite sure about yet, it’s more just a collection of sounds rather than a song.

I then uploaded this idea and then emailed Sarah, this was her response.

From: Miss Sarah Heeley
Date: 8 January 2008 13:11:12 GMT
To: Matt Culpin
Subject: Epic

I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it
I la-la-la-la-like it……..

Bloody hell, this album’s gonna be a stonker – and at this rate will be finished by spring 08 ;-)

Get in.

Matt Culpin wrote:
track coming atcha with soundz of the future…