September 25, 2009

The next three dates are back to back so I thought I would do a mini update for just the Norwich show.

So we set off for Norwich, I could see that the map was giving me the A14 route so I ignore that and continued driving towards the A47, at almost every single junction the voice prompt kept saying make a U-turn where possible, after an hour of doing this I was getting pretty annoyed. I was clearly on the A47 heading towards our destination so why didn’t it realise, stupid TomTom.

We arrived bang on time at 5pm, the venue had “humpers” technical term for people who lift things but I carried my own stuff in, Sarah filmed me.

Stuart came and said hello and we had a quick chat about normal life in between shows. The dressing room was nice with a fridge stocked full of beer and soft drinks. Limahl was running late so we watched the guys play a couple of tracks with Nick singing. The sound guys suggested I set-up so we could sound check quickly once Kaja had finished. The stage was pretty big compared to the previous shows with a decent sound and lighting system.

I headed off to meet Wout who had traveled up from London for the gig, we went to a nice place for a Pie & Pint. On the way back to the venue we bumped into Paul & Tony who were admiring a new bridge?

Arriving back our dressing room had filled with Sarahs family who were enjoying the free beer. By 7.50pm the venue was filling up I had my usual pre-gig panic of getting my iPhone to talk to the peer to peer wireless network to remote start the set. So far no problems, we have synchronised our watches with the sound guys. 8pm on the dot the front of house music went down and the intro to On & On began. I then swiftly turn my phone off as not to hit a button my mistake.

We tweaked the set ever so slightly, (I won’t spoil it for people seeing the next few shows) the replacement track went down really well and Sarah managed to get the crowd clapping in the middle 8. My jacket is fairly tight so I thought it best not to join in fear of ripping a sleeve. The lighting was particularly good especially in Into The Blue where they gave us a shimmering underwater effect. For some reason I added new notes to the end of the track, I became absorbed in the moment I guess, Sarah gave me the evil stare.

All too soon the set was over. People were waiting for use to sign the CD’s they had purchased and as always we got some great feedback. One guy said “I always expect support bands to be shit, but you were OK” and asked me to sign his ticket. Once signed he then asked “What’s you name?”, “Matt” I replied, “Well that doesn’t say Matt”. I didn’t really know what to say then.

Once the Goo set finished a few more people came up to say Hi, followed by the Kaja guys to sign autographs and get their pictures taken. Sarah’s family got a shot with Limahl.

Once the venue was empty we had a chat with the guys who were asking why we weren’t playing in Sheffield, I agreed it’s a shame but hey we still have FIVE shows left.

I’m really looking forward to Nottingham, my friend Mai keeps emailing me saying she’s looking forward to it more than Christmas :-)