October 3, 2008

Sarah is away now for two weeks on a road trip from Las Vegas to San Diego, we had a brief meeting before she left to review the tracks so far. We still feel there is a small amount of work to do with a couple of the tracks vocally, I have been working on these for a while but they aren’t really happening yet. We have decided to revisit these when she is back and possibly change the vocal melodies and lyrics.

I’d like to write a couple of new ideas to give us options for the final album, currently we are at 11 songs and ideally I’d like to have 12.

A few readers of this blog informed me of some sites that were linking to a download of our album, Lee from http://cantstopthepop.blogspot.com/ kindly removed his link but the other sites didn’t bother, fortunately I contacted Rapidshare who were hosting the file and they have now removed our album.

As Dave Gahan apparently once said, if your not being bootlegged, your not happening.
We didn’t get a chance to record the Podcast as mentioned, so this is top of the list for when Sarah is back. Lots to talk about.