May 7, 2008

Less that 48hrs to the EY VOL 1.0 Launch, whilst much has gone in to the preparation for this night I don’t think we will be playing live until our new album is finished. I haven’t really spent anytime during the past few weeks on anything new as I have been concentrating on getting the older material freshened up. As an older threaded stated I upgraded my system a little after 53 D and during that process patches and some samples were lost. I tend to use synths to generate the kick, snare & percussion sounds but to lessen the load on the CPU I often sample them and create a drum patch within the ESX-24 sampler in Logic.

So when opening up logic files for the old songs many of the sounds were not playing within the ESX, I think Apple had changed the location of the sample files between Logic 7 & 8 and in tidy mode I must have deleted them. Because I wanted to change the arrangements working with the old backing tracks would have been messy so I have used the arrangement files but have created most of the sounds from scratch. A ball ache but nonetheless worthwhile in the end.

For those of you attending the night on Friday I hope you enjoy our set and don’t forget to say hello.


P.S I was checking up on a band I discovered a little while ago called The Presets, I featured one of their songs “The Girl & The Sea” on my music non-suck podcast. Anyway they have posted a track from their new album. It’s out in Australia but isn’t released until June 23rd, my Birthday :-) in the UK

Check them out, I really like them http://www.myspace.com/thepresets