On & On & On & On & On

January 28, 2008

Finished our extended version of On & On tonight for the forthcoming EY/Undo compilation.

I started it quite a while ago and kept going back to it, rather than trying to do a traditional remix I have tried to do a faithful extended 80′s 12″ type thing. The problem is doing this yourself is it gets really tedious as I must of heard loops of this track many thousands of times.

I discovered some parts that had not been used in the final version, I think these were for an early middle section, these have now formed part of the extended remix and I’m glad I never deleted then. Normally before final mixing I tidy my arrangements up and delete all the unused parts to eek extra processing power our of my Mac. Having written that track almost a year ago I quite like the new section, maybe include this in a future live version.

Just ordered the SE Electronics Reflexion filter for our next batch of vocal recording, previously the vocals were recorded within a normal room space and whilst the vocals work really well within a full mix it means there is unwanted ambience recorded . I would like to treat the vocals more like an instrument on the next album and a clean sound is vital.