February 6, 2008

I was starting to get into a rut with ‘Into The Blue’ , after recording over the weekend this was the first track I wanted to play with. I quickly changed the original backing to suit the vocals but it wasn’t really sitting well.  After a couple of days of playing with this track y plan tonight was to wipe the sound-set and the arrangement and to start again. Something I have done quite often with other tracks but I do get a sense of dread as it means starting from a fresh. However I’m pleased to say I persevered with it again another night and fortunately I think I’ve cracked the basic structure.

My overall plan is to get a track completed each week, quite a tall order considering it took us a year to complete our last album but I would like to have 15 tracks to choose from for the next album.
With 53 Degrees there was a definite attempt to make it sound like a forgotten 80′s album. I thought it would appeal to people with my taste in music which I think it certainly did. For this album as I think I have mentioned before I want to develop the sound and make it sound more current. I think ‘Into The Blue’ definitely has the feel I was hoping for, a little more edgy & futuristic, but still very NK.