May 28, 2008

I’m getting so slack at posting here, good sign though I suppose as it means I’m working on the album, and indeed I am :-)

‘Where to from here’ has now got a kind of Hot Chip feel about it, mostly generated by some cool sounds coming off the JP8v. Not really been that impressed with this version. I think they messed around with it too much by adding the modulation and effects matrix. Most of the presets have effects added which puts me off when I’m trying to write parts, YES I generally start with presets because I usually have a sound in my head that I am hoping to achieve so presets always offer the quickest route. But I always tweak the hell of them. I have tended to use the ES1 & ES2 as I can work with those fairly quickly but having purchased the V collection I really want to start using other synths a lot more.

WIth all the Yazoo excitement I have found myself dreaming about owning a Pro-One again, Mooger has one and I’m pretty jealous. I just hope someone produces a virtual software version. Most of Upstairs at Erics was done using a Pro-One. ‘Step Back’ on 53ÂșN was all done just using the ES1 synth in Logic.

We are planning a Podcast pretty soon and will play some of the new tracks along with waffling on about what we are up to. Not sure it will be that interesting but if you have any questions let us know.