July 9, 2009

Well I’m back into the routine of not being on holiday – So this includes not drinking beer from 10 in the morning and drinking sensible stuff like decaf coffee, I must say it takes some getting use to.

It’s been a real slog coming round from holiday mode and I have to shamefully say that no music work actually took place. On the first day I set-up my humble little keyboard an laptop with the best of intentions to write some cool tunes. Alcohol, turning 40, catering commitments became my priority so the music suffered I’m afraid.

I’m now in the mode of getting fit for our tour with Kajagoogoo, so the minute I stop drinking and realise I’m never gonna be 30 something again I’m sure the tunes will start flowing.

I plan to keep a select few up-to-date with the musical progress of NK #3 so if I don’t talk about it much on here or twitter, don’t worry too much, we will be busy beavering away in the background. I’m not gonna commit to a date for the next album but lets say it will be sometime in 2010.