March 25, 2008

NK HQ is basically my house so when my daughter was born the spare room became the nursery, fortunately my studio has it’s own dedicated space, now when Sarah comes over to record she gets the camp bed. We lost a vital plug for last camp bed so Zoé went and bought a really cool integrated sleeping bag/air bed, it looked so comfy and cosy I really wanted to have a go, I can’t really explain what it is about sleeping bags but I think I have some kind of twisted fetish for them, nothing pervy though.

stay with me…

In 1990 ish I was walking by the local Waterstones and noticed a long queue of people, I realised there was a celebrity doing a book signing, so I joined the queue. It was Brian Blessed signing his then new book The Turquoise Mountain, about his attempt ( albeit failed) to climb Everest. When I got to the front of the queue it was my turn to meet him. I vaguely knew who he was but up until that point had no interest in him or his book. Anyway he said in his big bellowing voice, “are you interested in climbing”, I replied “no I want to be a popstar” so anyway he wrote “Follow your own dreams” in the book. I read the book and became obsessed with the thought of camping and climbing, so I bought a sleeping bag and slept in it for about two months. Since then I have always wanted to go camping but Zoë hates the idea of not being able to plug her hair straighteners in.

So anyway this week I am stopping over at Sarah’s after the IAMX gig in Sheffers and guess what!, I’m taking the ReadyBed™

This obviously has nothing to do with making music, so to add – The first two tracks to be released from our new album have been sent off to get mastered, these will become the Xerotic EP, I can’t wait to hear the results.

INTO THE BLUE – is very different for us. Think of Goldfrapp (Felt Mountain) mixed with a little Depeche (Music for the Masses) – Currently my favorite track to emerge so far. I think this is quite a personal song Sarah.

DIRTY YOUTH – a pumping track, very NK, I can’t say it reminds me of anything in particular.

Big day tomorrow, mega pitch in London so I’m off to bed early, fortunately the Lost Boys is on – What a great film and soundtrack, the 80′s were great.