September 28, 2009

To summarize the last three gigs I would say.

Shit, Brilliant, OK

Obviously we’re a support act so the crowd is never gaurenteed to be on your side, they’ve come to see Kajagoogoo so why should they be subjected to a poxy warm-up act? That’s what I normally think and I’m guilty of skipping many support bands over the years. In general however we’ve gone down really well and the evidence has been in CD sales and the great feedback.

Wolverhampton Friday 25th September – The Robin 2, don’t know what The Robin 1 must have been like if MK2 is an improvement.

So Wolverhampton on Friday, we arrived on time at 5pm so catch the guys in the middle of their sound check. The venue (Robin 2) was an odd looking place on the outskirts of town. Although not a club it reminded me of the place from Phoenix Nights, just because of the people working there seemed to revolve their lives around the venue.

The Kaja guys said they had missed us the previous night as the support in Sheffield were quite a rocky outfit so thought they didn’t really fit with their audience. It’s a shame about Sheffield and to make things worse Steve the Kaja merchandise guy said they had done really well that night. :-(

The humper/sound monkey (I hope he reads this, if he can read) at the venue who can only be described as a C**T, with a thick black country accent he must typify why people from that region are unfortunately considered to be thick just from the sound of their voices. He was sitting at the front of house sound desk with Steve the Kaja sound engineer and I simply asked him which door I could bring my gear through. “Yowl hav ta wait ’til these fuckers r finished before yow cun dow that”, I think my reply was “Pardon” in my poshest voice just to make him sound even more thick.

At all of the other venues we have played at, the in-house guys have been great and couldn’t be more helpful. As I was unloading my gear Sarah was talking to this cock and he said to her “we owwnly iver git haz beens heerya”, well that’s what she thought he said.

We were on at 8pm so I had about an hour to kill, I decided I wanted a curry and I headed off to a small balti house over the road. It only had two tables and essentially a take-away but the food was really nice. Walking back into the venue I was greeted by Dan who we had met in Liverpool. He’s a big Kajagoogoo fan and he said he’d looked at our site and obviously listened to the tracks.

Our dressing room that night was literally at the back of the stage and basically just a corridor. Limahl said he wanted to catch our set tonight as they weren’t going back to the hotel. In the end I think a few of the Kaja guys watched us from the side of the stage, fortunately I didn’t see them as it would have put me off slightly. For us and Kajagoogoo probably the largest crowd yet.

I’ve really enjoyed watching Kajagoogoo and love the sound they get. However The Robin 2 had a peaked ceiling which does something weird to the sound and the stage is pretty high and almost a self contained box. I think the best sound so far was in Norwich.

I captured video of the guys from the side of the stage whilst Sarah was eating her pack-lunch to demonstrate the contrast of the so called “Rock n roll” life. I really hope the video footage comes together, not really had a chance yet to see it all.

We had an average night with merchandise but then a further encounter with “the cock” happened. As I was unloading Brian the Kaja tour manager stopped for a quick passing chat. Just as he did we hear “are yow cunts gowing t hurrey up, ive gotta a howm to gow to”, which I actually suspect is a dingy grotty bedsit for him to go and self harm in.

Part two coming soon…