February 7, 2009

We finished the final vocal tweaks to the album today. Just various bits of vox that we weren’t happy with and the odd “oohs & arrhs” here and there.

Probably about a week to go with the final mixes but in the main it’s finished. Part of me is happy and part of me is sad. Difficult to explain really, the feeling of elation that a mammoth task is over but also sadness that I don’t know if this the last time we will be recording together.

We haven’t really talked about anything past the second album so I’m inclined to leave it as it is and wait until Sarah mentions the future of Northern Kind. What is certain is that we will try and play lots of live dates throughout this year.

Also Afront kindly sent me a link to the Bronski album I was after, again this is really odd because the first time I heard this was at an old friends house Stuart, my first ever real band, “Laissez fair” and that was the last time I think I saw Stuart, he jetted of to the US and is now in France. After hearing that album there were a couple of songs that really did it for me. “Do it” & “I gave you everything” Part of me wishes we would have continued down that path, who know’s what would have happened??? It’s funny how music connects people I wished I have listened to my instincts, Stuart was a great mate… Thanks Stu for still listening.

God I’m feeling quite melancholic, so I’m going to bed now after quite an eventful day plus I’m pretty drunk and c***d up, Nite. Hope you like the new album.

Will be listening to the Truth Dare Double Dare quite a bit now ( produced by Gareth Jones BTW, so glad to hear he’s beat the cancer scare)