February 29, 2008

Gosh – what a grey, odd, earth-quaky week in Sheffield!  I’m not sure what it says about my frame of mind that A) I was lying awake anyway, when the ‘quake’ hit at 1am and B)  My first thought was that my bed was shaking from side to side due to poltergeist activity.
Anyhoo – positives this week;
  • I did a wicked new yoga class
  • Dirty Youth making real progress
  • Worked on ‘Pop’
  • Had great feedback about the new NK pics (ooh!  I scrub up well)
  • Excellent feature of us on the Electronically Yours website
  • Matt’s sent me a whizzy new way of updating the blog, which means I don’t have to remember yet another password, on top of my existing 10 zillion
I’m conscious that our new album will need a name, but have not been inspired yet.  Reckon we should host a competition to name the album – answers on a postcard please!!
One thing that was quite intriguing for 53 degrees, was that depite me being the lyricist, it was Matt that came up with the album title.  I like the fact that the title actually had a meaning.  So, maybe I’ll blog album ideas to date….
Matt – have you got our original list of ideas for titles for the 1st album?  Hella funny.
Ttfn x

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