Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th

January 13, 2008

I have been consciously trying to write an up tempo track over the last few nights, tracks with BPMs above 125 I find really difficult to write. I usually start with a repetitive bass line and add the kick and snare, then try and some kind of melody or lead line to sit over the top. The problem is I get very bored listening to the same loop over and over, so most of these ideas get trashed.

Yesterday however I persevered with a track and now finally I think I’m getting somewhere with it. I have left it over night and still find it interesting listening with fresh ears this morning, so this will one will stick. This is idea 009.

My plan of not drinking and trying to be healthy went straight out of the window this weekend, still I have now drank all the alcohol left over from Christmas so no more excuses and I’m definitely getting up early for the gym.