June 5, 2008

Ahhhh…a bit of sunshine at last! 

I’m haunted by memories of Sheffield last summer where I think it rained every day for about 3 months.  And that is no exaggeration.  I was walking home one afternoon, with Sea King helicopters zooming around overhead, it was like living on the set of The Day After Tomorrow!

So this burst of sunshine got me thinking about summer songs – and all the things I love about British summertime.

My definitive summer songs:

‘Holiday’ Madonna - 1983, on holiday somewhere in Cornwall with my family.  I have a feeling that it was on this holiday, that I sang in public for the first time, in some kind of talent competition

‘Come into my Life’ Joyce Simms, 1988, in Leicester it was all about snogging boys, smoking fags and staying at the funfair till after 9pm!

‘Step On’ The Happy Mondays, 1990 (what a decade!!)  this was the start of things to come and a tune that never fails to make me smile.  This was the summer of the house party – which for the record, was all Tara Simms’ fault…(sorry about the Black Maria mum)

‘Come Home’ James – 1990, on holiday with Debbie in North Devon – freedom!

‘Screamadelica’ Primal Scream – 1994, this whole album reminds me of an awesome summer and an amazing beach party in Norfolk for my birthday, that was nearly big enough to be classed as a rave

‘Killing Me Softly’ The Fugees – 1996, happy happy times at DeMontfort University, devising theatre shows that the general public didn’t have a hope-in-hell of understanding

I HEART Summer!!!