October 17, 2008

Well, I’ve had nice break in the USofA.  Had some brilliant experiences, met amazing and inspirational people.  Learnt to surf in California (for those of you hooked up to me on Facebook, you may just get to see the video of this soon which I’m sure you’ll find suitably hysterical).
The waves were HUGE (honest) and I had to dodge the bloody stingrays as I went.  I had the pleasure of clubbing with Paul Oakenfold at the Palms, Las Vegas.  He ROCKED, quite dark and electro’ey and was set against a backdrop of robots, flame-throwing industrial type equipment and Cirque de Soleil artists dressed as aliens.  I couldn’t help but think the wrong half of NK was in attendance.
I also fulfilled a childhood dream of going to San Diego zoo :-)
So now it’s head down to the finishing line for the album – tomorrow we are back in the studio recording Pleasurely That Machine and adding the finishing touches to a few other bits and bobs.
I miss gigging!!
The album’s taking longer than anticipated.  But I promise, it is worth the wait.
Sarah x

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