things to consider…

February 12, 2008

The problem with doing everything yourself is… well you have to do everything yourself. Write, Record, Produce, Mix, Design, Photograph & Promote. All of this has to be balanced between a fairly busy full-time job but to be honest I get buzz from everything. A good day at work usually means a productive night in the studio and visa versa. Of course I have to consider my family and having a 4 month baby girl also means that time is precious.

I’ve set a fairly tight schedule of having everything recorded by the end of June so we have a lot to do.

My nights out of the studio are spent working on artwork (and writing this), we have something quite special in mind for the album artwork and packaging so documenting this process is important.

Over the next few weeks and going to intersperse this blog with the non musical process of doing the last album and what we are also doing behind the scenes on this album.

But for now thanks for all the positive feedback we are getting and encouragement in keeping this blog updated.