Thursday 10th January

January 11, 2008

Discovered a problem with my SSL Duende, or at least I think it’s the Duende.

I needed to bounce down our remix of ‘On & On” for the EY/UNDO compilation. I noticed after two attempts that there is an obvious audio click just before the first vocal comes in.

I did notice this happening when I was bouncing the tracks for 53˚N however the amount of parts playing always seemed to mask this. If you bother listening to the original ‘On & On’ you can actually here a click just before the first verse.

The annoying thing is that in this remix there aren’t that many other things happening so it’s quite obvious. If I disable the Duende on the track insert the click disappears.

I hate things like this as they tend to drive me insane, it becomes a process of elimination as to what is causing this and I could end up ripping my whole system apart. Indication is that it’s something to do with the Firewire Bus, maybe I need to by a PCI to give me a separate FW Bus, this also might mess up my intentions to by the TC Powercore PCI card as there appears to be loads of issues surrounding compatibility with that. Bugger!

So again not a very productive evening.