September 28, 2009

..gets the prize for best dressing room, free booze, water, tea and coffee (although no kettle?!)  Luckily Kaja Steve came to my rescue and lent me a kettle AND extra milk from their dressing room.   This was the last place that we had our own dressing room, all the other nights we’ve been sharing with the Kaj.  A few more funny tales to tell as a result ;)
This was a cool gig, as my family were there.  It was also a trip down memory lane, as I performed at The Waterfront when I was 18 years old in my first band ‘Red Ink’.  I lived in Cromer at the time, studying A-levels in North Walsham.  I was feeling a bit under-the-weather at Norwich (and Wolverhampton) so it was especially nice to see some friendly faces including Paul, Tony and Wout.
Enjoyed it, and Wout took some wicked photos – have a look on our forum if you haven’t already.
Vertigo alert!!  This was the highest stage I’ve ever seen.  As we walked on Kaj were sound-checking, and they looked like the band from the Muppets (although I’m not sure why, as I don’t think the Muppets had a particularly high stage?)  Funny the things that come to mind…
A bit of a negative vibe about this one.  Grumpy staff, and they also put us on much earlier than advertised.  Subsequently, people missed a lot of our set.  Quite a few people commented that they only caught the last two tracks, and wanted to see more.  Loads of people have been surprised at how good we are – for a ‘support act’, brilliant feedback and collecting new fans along the way.
This was brilliant – and nice and close to home as well.  The ‘Rescue Rooms’ was a significant venue for me, as it was seeing Sam Brown perform here a few years back that inspired me to start singing and making music again after a 3 year break.
Matt’s family and friends were here, as well as more loyal NKers cheering us on and modelling our iconic custard yellow t-shirts :)   Makes our fans easy to spot!  There was a lot of whooping and cheering, so much FUN!  I have some weird things happen during our sets.  This night my bra strap pinged off during ‘Automatic’ (last night in Swansea I got cramp in my leg, was tempted to take my shoes off).  Still the show must go on, haaha.
Had a nice chat with Mooger, Wout, Rob and co – was nice to catch up and we discussed going to the upcoming Marsheaux gig.  Again, lots of amazing compliments and plenty of merch sold (Nice one Mai!)  Lots of dressing room antics as we were all in together for this one – a bizarre but not unpleasant request from Nick as he laid on the floor and asked me to walk on his bare back in my five inch heels!!  I was too worried about puncturing him, so I ducked out.  Can you imagine the headlines? ‘Nick Beggs in Nott’s stiletto horror!’ Was funny tho.
Had a near disaster when my costume bag split and my belongings fell out all over the place.  Jez saved the day, by lending me his Morrissons carrier bag…Rock n Roll.
Made my way home early-ish, on my way to the car park a lady was asking me where Limahl was.  She thought I was his make-up artist.
Prize for the stickiest floor.  EW!
Not really much else to say about this one – a small but enthusiastic audience.  LONG journey, but enjoyed dipping into some great music on the way back.  Rexx the Dog, The Smiths, Benny Benassi, LCD Soundsystem M.I.A and Kings of Leon made the 120 mph drive home even more exciting.
Next stop London O2 Academy….Sarah x