Tuesday 8th Jan

January 9, 2008

Today I decided to play with a sound I had sampled over Christmas. Sitting on the sofa pigging snacks and probably getting quite drunk I started tapping an empty Pringles tube, I quite liked it so decided to record some various ways of me hitting it.

So after spending 20 minutes tonight or so editing it and tuning it using the ESX-24 sampler within logic, I ended up with a sound that reminded me of something The Knife had used on “We share our mothers health”

I then started creating some loops with bass sounds from the Moog Modular V and preset kits from Ultrabeat. Melodically it wasn’t going anywhere but had a good groove to it. One of the bass sounds I was using reminded me of a sound used on “Shout” the DM B-side to “New Life”, so I turned to the ARP 2600 to try and get yet another percussive loop influenced by this track. I knew that this was used by DM and that Vince Clarke had recreated this on his “Lucky Bastard” sample CD so the ARP was an obvious choice. The problem is when you need a fairly complex sound and sequence the ARP is a bit of a bugger to get to grips with. I decided on a synth I was more familiar with, the Jupiter-8v. The additional features that Arturia have bolted on to this version include a matrix sequencer. So after about five minutes I had pretty much created the sequenced loop I was after using a simple sound modulated by the sequencer. This idea was taking shape so I decided to try and write a proper structure with different song parts.

This idea now has three different sections but is still very much an evolving groove. So again I emailed Sarah a link to the track and this was her response.

From: “Sarah Heeley”
Date: 9 January 2008 09:47:52 GMT
To: “Matt Culpin”
Subject: once you pop

…should be the title for this ;-)

Holy COW this is cool.
What about doing this track with spoken vocals???? And just a few oohs
and ahhhhs??

Well done x

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From: Matt Culpin
Sent: 09 January 2008 00:00
To: Sarah Heeley
Subject: snack food

howdie, something a bit different for you.


the noise at the start and used elsewhere is a tuned Pringles tube :-)