Wednesday 9th

January 10, 2008

MId week day off from writing ( a new rule ) – To be honest I left work pretty late so felt too tired to lock myself away for another night, besides I feel pretty accomplished from the past few sessions :-)

I also spent a while on the Marsheaux forum and answering some NK emails.

We had some interest from a manager pre Christmas, he looks after a very well known solo artist. He sent an email today that was very frank and to be honest I have been doing quite a bit of thinking about it. Ultimately it would mean making some very difficult decisions about how we proceed. It would possibly mean a step-up to a level that would see us loosing quite a bit of control over our own destiny. At this stage in our lives Northern Kind exists to give us enjoyment in doing something we love. By making it the sole focus in earning us a living would possibly turn this scenario into music being just a boring day job, that would never do.

So there we have it, not a very productive day music wise by nonetheless quite eventful.

Ciao x

PS Was randomly listening to the new ‘Ideas’ on my mac today, by filtering the word ‘ideas’ in iTunes I also came across this song by Tears for Fear “Ideas As Opiates” – Just thought I would say how good their first album was – “The Hurting” they are often forgotten in the grand scheme of electronica, but they had some great moments. I also worked for their original keyboard player.

Roland Orzabal released an album a few years ago, it included a brilliant track called ‘Low Life’ which was great.