Xerotic = Dry

February 17, 2008

And to be honest I’m going through a dry patch.

Very frustrated, maybe need a week of healthy living and hitting the gym will cleanse my brain of crapness and lack of creativity.

Decided to search iTunes for inspiration but nothing really took my fancy. In fact I ended getting really annoyed at the way iTunes stick any old shit under the Electronic Genre. Most of the featured albums don’t even have Electronic as their Genre when you click on them.

I’ve decided I’m in a bad mood, so need to concentrate on the positives…

Monday night = Photoshoot night
Sarah is coming down, I’ve decided I’m not part of the image for NK so Sarah will be shot on her own. This is our/my inspiration for it.

ZoĆ« got me ‘Control’ the story of Ian Curtis / Joy Division as a Valentines gift, maybe this will offer inspiration.