January 25, 2008

Well got my tickets in the pre-sale this morning, noticed this evening that the London show had already sold out, not sure if that means the whole thing or just the pre-sale allocation?

We had a request earlier in the week by Markus from Borlife in Germany, he did a great review of our album. This was his email.


How are you? Hope, you feel well!

We are planing for our radio broadcast a special for YAZOO. For this we would like to have comments from you for our Radio-Show. Would it be possible that you answer the folowwing questions as MP3, so that we can play in our broadcast?

What do you think of the fact that Alison and Vince are together again on stage?

What influence did YAZOO to your music?

Which song is your favorite song of YAZOO?

Will you attend the concerts?

It would be nice, if you could send us the answers nearly. Of course, we would play Songs form you at the show!

By now many thanks and lots of love!


I will post a transcript of our answers soon after the show is broadcast.

I did start to wonder though what sort of musical set-up Vince would have. It will be really interesting (for me) to hear how faithful the tracks will be. I purchased one of the special “Evening with” Erasure CDs but I was quite disappointed at the Karaoke version of ‘Just can’t get enough’ they did.

Vince… if you’re reading this give me a shout, I’d love to help.

One of the first things I/We (Baz from Electrobelle) did when we got our virtual versions of the ARP 2600 was program the sounds from ‘Upstairs at Erics’

Recognise the start of this? This track “Please” never made it to our album.