March 5, 2008

Bring it on! Can’t wait to hear the progress of The Y/N song. I really like this track and enjoyed writing the initial lyrics and melody to go with it, which I felt should be quite robotic and dark. It will be good to develop it further.

I was intrigued to see this poster ad for Art Sheffield 08, which seemed freakily related to our idea for Y/N. Do you think artists all key into the same idea at the same time and the idea manifests in its different forms?

I’m sure Matt and I discussed this ages ago, thinking that it was wierd that we’d have an idea for, say a video or a song and then the next minute we would see it on MTV and be miffed that someone else had got there first. Maybe we should get new jobs as those people that forsee trends…….

anyhoo – better go and cook my tea (veggie spag bol) x